Travel with your partner

There are a lot of stories going around that suggest traveling before you are “tied down” is the way to go. Sure, this has its benefits – no one to argue about the days plans, as well as giving you a chance to just be you…. However, I disagree.

Travel with a loved one. Be it your husband or wife; girlfriend or boyfriend; even your best friend.

Travel with them.


  • After spending 15 hours next to each other on an international flight across the world, only to share a taxi to the motel and then a room…. You should know whether you can stand to be in their presence for an extended period of time without going mad. While this isn’t a usual situation and is unlikely to happen back home, it is a good thing to know. After all, If you can suffer through a long-haul flight together, the 6 hour wait in the ER for a broken bone (when the two of you have children) should be a breeze, right?


  • Go back to card games and exploring the outdoors; take away the distractions modern life has to offer and be with each other. Talk about life, love, what you want to eat, the frog you saw next to the pool; talk about anything and everything. You are blessed with the chance to truly get to know one another without the constant distractions of day to day life.
  • Take this time to find out what makes them tick – if you are two different people who have nothing in common – it is better to find out now rather than 10 years down the track.


  • Once you reach your destination, it is important to remember you are both different people. You do not have to do everything together. Let him go rock-climbing while you enjoy a drink on the beach. You both have your own individual wants and needs – make the most of this time away, it is a chance for the both of you to become independent.
  • Don’t make them feel guilty for doing something alone later either, that is a mistake I see being made far too often. Enjoy your time away from the stress of the real world, don’t bring the stress to your holiday.

Advise From a 20 Something has some great tips on how to make it work; and Travelettes has more reasons on why you should travel with a loved one – both are well worth a read if you are considering this.

Have you traveled with your partner? How did that work out? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to find out!



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