Travel and friendship – It is the strangest thing.

I am guilty for taking my friends and family back home for granted, after all, they will always be there for me…. Right? Well, kind of. This adventure has not only been a learning curve when it comes to new cultures, but it’s been a wake up call in regards to knowing who is really there, and who I want to socialize with.

I am the first to admit I am quite possibly the worst for keeping in contact with people, but in my defense I really was no better when I lived in New Zealand. I was always busy with work there, the only difference is the monthly coffee meets and working together daily isn’t a “thing” anymore.

I have lost contact with a lot of people; people I thought I was close with. I still like them as people, but if anything conversation just seems…. awkward. I’m not sure it is anyone’s fault, it feels more like a difference in personalities if anything. I feel I am growing as a person, and we are no longer as compatible as friends – acquaintances as best. Of course there are exceptions to this.

1-2What was surprising is the people I thought I was more acquaintances with. These people have become the people I make an effort to talk to (even though it is only on occasion). These are the people I find I can tell about my adventures, my homesickness, and my goals, and they really “get” it. Not only that, but the conversation is interesting – even if it is only about something as mundane as work. The people I use to feel ‘close but not best friends’ with have somehow become the people I want to go and get a cup of coffee with.

And then there is family…. I had never been someone who was highly reliant on family. We all did our own thing, meeting up occasionally, and it was fine. However, I am finding that I am missing them a lot. Maybe it is because its been a year since I last saw them? Perhaps it is because of the time of year? I’m not too sure.

People change, and I see that now. It isn’t a bad thing, but it makes me wonder if “friends forever” is really a thing. I’ll have to sleep on that one. For now, I am going to go and enjoy the social life I have with the people I enjoy talking to.



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