What is honor, and does it even matter anymore?

What is honor?

According to Merriam-Webster honor is a “good name or public esteem”. This sounds good, but what does it actually mean? Ask your friends, your partner, your family. Chances are you wont get a straight answer; and if you do, it might be along the lines of being true to a set of personal ideals, or integrity. While this isn’t wrong, it isn’t exactly right either.

An honorable person does honorable things. These things are done by the total belief that there is a universal sense of right and wrong. It could be called natural law, or objective truth. However, regardless of what you want to name it, it is an unalterable, unchangeable law. To seek to live honorably, or to have honor, you must have the desire, and follow through with it, to do the right thing when presented with a choice between genuine right and wrong.

However, it is important to note that honor can be lost. In fact, honor that cannot be lost is simply not honor.

So, does honor matter today? 


What is right and wrong is determined by law, and punishable by law. It is no longer up to you to determine what is right, and what sacrifices you may need to make to ensure it happens. The law is the deciding factor, the guide, this not only affects honor but the morals of a person.

People are no longer stepping up and out of their comfort zone to do the right thing in fear of persecution – either by authority or their peers. We don’t get a chance to determine what is right or wrong, the outcome is already decided before we even are faced with a situation that would have previously been a question of honor.
If you think about it, it isn’t a stretch to make this claim. A child who has hundreds of seizures a week is drugged up on medication, pills with the only purpose of fixing the symptoms of all the other pills. This is OK because it is legal. Medically approved, THC free marijuana helps, without the side effects – but it is wrong and therefore it cannot happen. Marrying the same sex is only just now becoming allowed, before that, it was wrong – as if the law has the control over peoples happiness. All because it is what the authority believes is best. A more recent story is the bus driver fired for offering to pay 40 cents after a child went hungry because he coulb afford lunch.

No one should not have to fear repercussions for doing the right thing.
The right, honorable, thing should not be determined by a set of rules a small group of people think fits how they want the country to work. Have we become such horrible people that it is necessary? Without honor, we are becoming mindless, unable to think for ourselves. Is this really what we want to have happen?

What do you think?



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