Actually useful gifts for travelers that wont get left behind

1382203_1142496285761555_5030753752350770861_nEveryone loves getting a gift, even travelers. The problem I find with this is that the more stuff you get while out on adventures…… The more stuff you need to fit into bags to take with you. A lot of the lists I’ve seen so far consist of stuff like drones – don’t get me wring, I would love whoever bought me a drone camera….. but realistically, where would I keep it?

This is a list of 10 actually useful gifts for the traveler in your life – that wont get left behind.

10: Sudden Coffee

‘No-brew’ coffee. Just mix this with hot or cold water and it is good to go. It’s like instant coffee, only a million times better.

9: Sunglasses

You cannot beat a good pair of sunglasses if the traveler in your life doesn’t have some already.

8: Passport wallet

This one is super cute and offers RFID protection – considering most cards now are coming out with the “tap and go” feature, this is important to protect. It allows for easy access to passports, bank cards and other ID, boarding passes, and it’s slim and light weight.

I know that I have had too many moments of panic when I wasn’t able to find my passport right away…..

7: Travel adapters 

Travel adapters are getting pretty funky now. Gone are the days where they were big, bulky, and only for one country. The one linked is essentially 4 adapters in one – this means it is usable in over 150 countries!

Go on and tell me this isn’t something useful…..

6: Battery backup

I am pretty sure there is nothing worse than running out of battery life on a phone while traveling – especially if that is what is used to take photos and keep in contact with everyone. A good battery backup is small enough to fit in a carry on bags pocket, but helpful enough that it will never get left behind.

5: Bugsaway clothing

Its clothing…. AND insect repellent. Do I really have to say more?

4: Kindle 

For travelers who love to read this is a must. It acts as a book, without having to physically carry around books. I keep all my language guides, and lonely planet books on here – as well as something extra to read on those long flights!

3: Key chain tripod

This is probably the coolest tech gadget I have seen in a while. Its a tripod, that hangs on a key chain. Gone are the days where phones were propped up against whatever was closest to take photos, or during a Skype call.

2: Adopt a Coral Reef

This is cool because not only is it the coolest thing saying that you own a piece of a coral reef, but it helps fund the protection of reefs in the Dominican Republic, Palau or Papua New Guinea.

For $50 you get their all exclusive member benefits, a personalized adoption certificate and fact sheet.

1: The gift of travel

Know where they will be over Christmas, or know where they want to go next? Get a gift card or purchase an adventure for the traveler in your life. Sure, they can’t hold it, it isn’t a thing – but the gift of memories is something that cannot be beaten.

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