The excitement with adventure.

The time has already come where I am getting the dreaded itchy feet. It is unfortunate really, I thought if nothing else I would have longer than a month before this happened.

Perhaps it was the speed of which “normal” occurred. It has only been a few weeks and I am already settling down to a normal job, with a normal management position for employment, with normal colored hair.

What I miss is the excitement that comes with the adventure. The jets have been taunting me lately too, watching them come in for landing on my trips home from my trips to town, seeing nothing but the lights in the dark skies. It reminds me of Rarotonga – the most unnerving landing I have ever had. Not because of how hard we hit the tarmac, but the fact you could not see anything until you were on the ground. I do miss not knowing what will happen when I get to wherever I am going, not knowing who I will meet.

I hadn’t put a plan in place, until recently, for years….. and I loved every second of it.

Don’t get me wrong, not having a place to call home was a little unsettling, but it added to the excitement. I had nothing to tie me down. If I didn’t like somewhere, I simply left. If I wanted to see something new, I booked a ticket. While my bank accounts did not appreciate this freedom, I somehow made ends meet and I enjoyed every second of it.

Despite this feeling of homesickness for places I have never been, I think I will be alright, I really do just need to step back, take a breath, rethink of the good times, and remind myself that it’ll all be ok in the end.


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