Finding my feet

So I haven’t been around much the last few weeks, mostly because I was trying to find my footing back at home in New Zealand.

Truth be told, I don’t really want to be here.

What I thought was homesickness was only me being unhappy in what seemed to be a great relationship, in reality I didn’t want to come home….. I only wanted to leave there.

Regardless, that cannot be changed, I can only make the most of it now…… So that’s what I am doing.

Despite the internet being horrible (and because of that, this will only be a short post – something else will be dropped here in a few days), I have been updating Facebook a little more frequently.

Since being back; I went to the beach, sorted the divorce (Yay – you’re all invited to the burning of the shoes, let’s forget this ever happened party next month), climbed a mountain to celebrate, got a job, broke my wrist in 4 places trying to fight a car on a longboard, was subsequently fired for breaking my wrist, went to another beach, and I am going to go climb another mountain if the weather holds up this weekend….. because I can.

Pictures, as always, follow:


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The Mount/Tauranga:

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