Travel or Relationships: A choice I have made

Travel, and my life, is not always a glamorous as it seems to be on Instagram or Facebook. I have my fair share of finance troubles, injuries, stress, and drama. One of the big things I have found is that living the lifestyle I have chosen involves a lot of choice; I have to choose between where to visit next, what I want to do there, how I will fund it….. And more recently I have found that I have had to decide between travel, or relationships.

But why? You would think currently it would be easy enough to have both. After all, with the internet, people half way across the world are as easy to talk to as the person sitting next to you. You would think so – but in my world, you would be wrong.

I know for myself it largely comes down to the fact that I have made it this way. It sounds mad, but I do have my reasons.

First of all, I really don’t want to be tied down to any one spot, and the idea of a 9-5 life is absolutely terrifying. I have no problems with working odd jobs to make ends meet and save for my next adventure. If I am lucky, I will be able to do this for many years to come. Why would I willingly tie myself to something that I know will make me miserable? I know there is more to life than paying bills until I die.

When it comes to a relationship, there are two I have essentially given up on. Family, and romance. With the romantic partner, I have yet to find the one who will be willing to either give up the ‘normal’ life and step into my world, or at the very least let me leave them behind so I can keep my adventures going. While this use to upset me, if I am honest, I am now more than past the point of letting it bother me. One day I am sure I will find ‘the one’, but with my recent run of failed romance, I will be living for myself for a while.

I know that the life I have chosen is a point of contention between a lot of my family. The fact I didn’t choose a career bothers some more than it should, it has caused others to try and talk me into staying in one place, and the rest just think I am stupid. While I still adore my family, I chose the life of adventure over their wishes, and I do not regret it. I have seen more than they can ever imagine. I am happy. I wouldn’t trade what I have done for the world.

While I understand some people will be upset with this, they need to realize it is not their life – in fact, what I do has little impact on what goes on in their world whether they agree with it or not. If my choice results in a family member disowning me because they are upset that I choose to be happy… That is a sacrifice I am more than willing to make.

I have my friends, I have my mother, my youngest sisters, and a few close friends. With those people in my life, I will never be lonely. What more could I need? For the time being, I will be focusing on recovering after fighting cars. After that? Who knows. The world is in the palm of my hand, I can go wherever I please, with whoever I care to share the journey with.

2 thoughts on “Travel or Relationships: A choice I have made

    1. I love it. I have given up a lot as far as relationships go, but I have seen and done things that are truly amazing. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

      While it is tough at times, I have my people that stand by me, and I really do love them for it.


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