Health matters – You are not bulletproof

I have made probably the worst mistake as far as being a traveler goes, and it is possible this mistake may cause some pretty major setbacks in my plans for the future. This mistake has reminded me how something so simple, and easy to overlook, can be such a big deal.

General health check ups are important – And as a woman, it is especially important to get “down there” checked too.

After years of “I’ll do it next week”, I finally got around to getting a check up – only because next week I am getting a medical for diving and it made sense to get everything checked at the same time.

The results have been scary to say the least.

I got a phone call a few days before the follow up appointment was meant to happen – a simple request to go back into the clinic a few days early. I didn’t think anything of this.

After all I am 25 and I am bulletproof.

Once I got to the clinic, I soon realized things weren’t as straight forward as I’d have liked. In fact, it was something quite the opposite. High-grade changes in the cell samples, while all other test results came back normal. Bulletproof me, now a little bit concerned, was referred urgently to the hospital for a biopsy and further testing. I’ll post an update once I know more about what is going on.

With a bit of luck, it will be nothing – something easy to fix. I am hoping this is just a scare; a reminder that no matter how much fun life is, or how inconvenient check ups can be, your health is important.

Don’t leave it until next week….. You might feel invincible – but believe me, you are not.

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