Houston – Orlando

August 4


There is not enough coffee in the world.

August 5th

Today we went to Kemah Boardwalk. It was pretty impressive, lots of rides and an aquarium. We went to the aquarium and I got to feed the baby stingrays and check out all the other fish there. They had everything from Koi to poisonous frogs.

I picked up an American Girl doll for my sister today as well. I’ll be taking photos of this all over the place here for her.

The weather is crazy, its 35 decrees C here, and it is HOT. The air conditioner is my new best friend…..

August 6th

More sight seeing today. We went to NASA – it was impressive! The statues outside the gates were pretty cool and definitely worth a photo. We didn’t have enough time to go inside and have a look around, but hopefully we will get to soon.

We also went to the biggest mall I have ever seen – Galleria?. Not only did it have an ice skating rink, but it was multiple stories high – with super high end stores for 3 floors and hotel rooms above that. I got a certificate from the Disney store because it was my first time to visit one.

August 10th


So today I am going to Orlando… Because why not. It took about 2 hours to get through security, and the airport staff were absolutely no help whatsoever. After landing I thought it was time for coffee, I did try to sleep on the plane, but the woman behind me was yelling at her child in French the whole flight (cant win them all).

I stayed in the Cabana beach resort for the night, and met up with some of my friends. Unfortunately because it had been a while since I had seen them, there was some alcohol involved. Before drinking we went out and I got to see some of the sights around Orlando…. And I really don’t like the place. It was kind of….. ugly. I did drink everyone under the table though.


August 11th

I slept in today, which was nice – I needed it. The flight back to Houston was at 2pm. We did stop and have breakfast at a Vietnamese restaurant before being dropped off at the airport.

I picked up the kids that I am staying with some t-shirts that change color in the sun. I got myself one as well which was a nice souvenir.

It hit 40 degrees C today which is stupidly hot. I an not looking forward to going home to the cold again, but at the same time I want to get out of this heat.



August 15th


It’s home time.

The first leg was very uneventful which is good.

The second leg of the flight was also pretty good. I was in a row to myself from Los Angeles to Brisbane so I was able to stretch out and sleep for most of it. I’ve booked tickets to come back for the 5th so I wont be home too long.

Waiting for the flight from Brisbane to Auckland was painful. Not only was it a long layover to begin with, but the flight was delayed by another 5 hours…. We got an $8 voucher to make up for it which covered one coffee in the airport….. I wasn’t too happy about that…..

But, in the end I made it.