Las Vegas

It is what you would expect in that of a movie, someone leaves their other half and ends in Vegas for a weekend of partying and good times.

Apparently this is not just that of fiction, as I found out first hand. No more then four days after leaving the now ex husband, I found myself there.

Now, the crazy part is I had spent more time in airports and on flights then I did in the actual city, but it was an adventure of a lifetime.

The first day there was a quiet one, finding my feet I guess you could say. After a limo ride to the hotel New York, New York (come on, why not a limo?), and dropping our belongings in the room, myself and two friends went to meet the third before our fun began.

Stepping out of the hotel was a step outside of my comfort zone – the entire population of my home town in one street? NO THANK YOU. I did however fight the urge to run back inside and carried on exploring.

While it was already early evening and the sun was setting fast, there was enough time to see a few hotels and attractions while it was still light.
It seemed crazy that the hotel had a roller coaster from the third floor lobby…. That is until we came to find about another called Circus, Circus – this had a complete indoor theme park with multiple roller coasters, bumper cars, laser tag and I wish I had the time to find out what else. Moving on back to our hotel before nightfall to get changed, we passed a miniature Eiffel tower – this was almost as adorable as the miniature statue of liberty outside our place.

After getting changed and eating in one of the hotel restaurants (most amazing steak I have had to date) we went out again to walk around and take in some of the night life. There was so many lights, so many people. Sensory overload and I loved it.

It soon got cold so we once again headed back to the room having a few alcoholic beverages, before catching some much needed sleep.
The next morning we all went out and had breakfast. During the daylight the city almost seemed disappointing, So small compared to what is seen in the movies. Still nothing like I had ever seen before. Billboard signs the size of buildings – literally, people being busy doing what they needed to do, everyone was in a rush to get somewhere.
A day of shopping was done and we soon returned to the motel where we had an afternoon sleep before waking and going to get something else to eat for dinner. It wasn’t long after that we went out to explore at night again and had some more drinks, The next day was an exciting one, I got my first roller coaster ride and other assorted theme park attractions. The roller coaster was by far the most memorable.

Vegas did not want me to leave, or at least, my passport wasn’t being read by the machines, By the time it did I had 30 seconds left on the clock to have checked in before I missed my flight. The run to the other side of the airport was not something I wish to do again….. But it all added to it.

At the end of it all, I still made it home in time for work the next day.

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