New Zealand

One more trip home….

Rawene, a small town hidden in the Hokianga harbor in New Zealand. The closest place you will get to running on ‘island time’ – And just as beautiful.

There is nothing like coming home and relaxing with family in between great adventures, sharing stories and experienced. Especially when the adventure goes from one extreme to the other – Vegas to Rarotonga – I don’t know if it could get more opposite in the grand scheme of things.

Being surrounded by people who care after a period of time simply not having this support (especially after such an event as leaving my husband) reminded me of how important the little things are in life – and how often such things are taken for granted.

Take the time to call someone you care about. Not text, not email, but make a hot drink and sit down with the phone and talk to them.

While you can’t rely on anyone other then yourself, family will always be there. Be it to laugh and inform you that they told you it was a bad idea or to support you.

I will miss my friends and family in my future endeavors – Especially as I am not sure when I will be coming home for a visit. What makes it all ok is knowing I only have to pick up the phone and they will be there – And when I do turn up on the doorstep – I will be welcomed in with open arms.


On this trip home, I spent some time with my Great Grandmother before busing up to Auckland to go to the visa interview…. That was a little frustrating. Three months of work, and it really was over before I knew it – to the point I had to ask if I was forgetting to do something before I left!

From here, I went north to visit my Mum and two younger sisters. 6 hours on a bus is not really how I wanted to spent the day, but I will admit I did get some amazing photo opportunities along the way.

My first day there? I think I slept that away. The next week was spent relaxing. Finally had some quality time with the family – the last I will get for… well… Years now.

Unfortunately while I was here, we did have to put our dog, Max, to sleep. He was old and while he was still with us mentally.. His body was long gone. He knew what was happening when I helped the vet get him on the table, I just sat with him, making sure his last moments here on this earth were filled with love, not fear. He passed away happy.

It wasn’t long before Christmas, so we all went tree hunting – something we often did growing up, and something I wasn’t able to do for the last 7 years or so. I did miss the little things. Now, finding the right tree is not very easy, especially when it has to be perfectly imperfect. And it did take most of the day to do. Although, to be fair, we did spend most of the day going on a bit of a hike to a waterfall along a DOC walking track way out in the middle of nowhere. The water was cool, and clear. Again, something I haven’t had the chance to enjoy for many years. It made the walk which was mostly uphill in the heat worth it.

On the drive home as we were about to give up on the tree, we saw it. just a small one growing under the larger pine trees. I had the job of acquiring this while my sisters sat in the wagon laughing at us clambering up the hill to cut it down. Katie, my youngest sibling, found a baby tree to take home and replant too.

 The decorations were put on the tree in a manner that could only be described as chaotic. As long as they all fit on there and nothing fell off, it was good.

As I wasn’t going to be there, I did pass around gifts that I had taken home from Houston with me for them, I don’t think I will be making a habit of the bean boozled jelly beans anytime soon.

By this point, the weather had turned bad, so my plans of fishing had to be put off again, but that wasn’t really too much of a worry. The time went way too fast and before I knew it, my sister, Amy, and I were on our way back down to Auckland for the Ed Sheeran concert. It was to be his last for a while, and we had been holding onto these tickets for quite some time now.

The bus ride south was about as enjoyable as the one north. I wont complain too much though, I was lucky enough to pick up the tickets very cheap and it was relatively comfortable – the bus even had Wi-Fi access.

Of course, the weather was once again beautiful. I am sure it was doing this deliberately because it knew I wanted to do things before I left…. That is my luck though.

We met up with some of my friends in Auckland after taking the train from the city center to the southern suburbs. Getting changed at the house and playing with makeup while we ate pizza at one of the local domino’s before having to head back up to the venue was something Amy hadn’t had the pleasure of doing before. Not that I blame her, Getting ready on the move is something that I’m not sure anyone enjoys.

The concert itself? That was more than what I had thought it would be. It was quite simply, amazing. Rudimental was absolutely fantastic, Foy Vance was too… Can’t forget about passenger. Everyone was singing with him. Ed was quite possibly the best thing I have seen in a long time. I mean, I have been listening to his music before he was “cool”


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