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Google flights

untitled-designMy personal favorite, especially if you aren’t quite sold on where you want to go. It’s as easy as deciding whether you want a return, one way, or multi-stop ticket; filling out the airport you want to leave from, and where you want to arrive; and the dates. From here, click “explore destinations” and you will be shown a map of the world with all the known prices for the times you wanted.

There is no “flexible” date option, so if you want to change the times or find a better price, you have to start a new search. Despite this, it is also super helpful for finding which airlines offer reasonable prices, and what times they fly.

Just be warned with the multi-stop flights, they do tend to be more expensive than separately booked tickets but this comes down to whether you prefer convenience or best prices.


127x121_koruIf you are in New Zealand, this website should be your best friend. They have daily deals on flights. You have to be in quick because availability is pretty limited, but if you are planning to travel domestically, keep an eye on the website and you may be able to save quite a bit of money.

They do offer international airfares occasionally, but I have never been able to get one because I always see them too late. However, I have used this more than once to find really cheap airfares from one end of the country and back again – as as always, the service you get on these flights is amazing.

Secret flying

_jnqmvcrHoly mother of cheap flights. This is amazing for finding tickets at prices you normally wouldn’t see – but they don’t tend to last long. It is worth following these guys on Facebook; especially if you have the money in the bank, and the freedom to pack up and leave whenever you feel the need.

Whatever your situation, it is totally worth following them on Facebook.


opengraphA lot of people love Skyscanner, which is why I am adding this here. Personally, I don’t use it.

Maybe I should.





agoda-logo-flatThis site is pretty awesome even if you don’t end up booking anything through them. Its great for seeing what is available around the world as far as accommodation goes, and offers some insight as to what you should expect to be paying if you book while you are there.


downloadLove ’em, or hate ’em – Airbnb is a great place to find accommodation. The stays are comfortable, and more homely (we all know hotel/motel stays can start to suck eventually).

The site is easy to navigate, and the prices are all pretty reasonable. As an added bonus for those a little hesitant to book with these guys (like I was), there are reviews for each place that is listed so you know exactly what you are getting into.


1024x1024srThis is another one of those things I have never done – even though I mean to do it eventually.

A lot of people prefer this option because it is really cost effective, and the people met along the way can turn out to be life long friends. If you can get over the idea of sleeping on a couch/spare bed/whatever in a strangers house – this is something to consider.